Sunday, 14 February 2016

Who Are 'The Benefactors'?

I have just been friended by someone in Canada who has been telling me about a group of Earthbound ETs, known as 'the Benefactors'.They seem to be appearing more and more at portal areas and assisting those who are working at them to bring in this knew (actually very ancient but lost) knowledge.
He says that some people who encounter these Benefactors often see them as Pleiadians, they look like perfect human beings. I just found this amazing, as it was less than two weeks since I believe I encountered one of these Beings in Settle (not far from the Horsehoe Trees Portal)  - this one allowing actual cash to manifest into my empty wallet! This is no joke, it really did happen. Then last night, I was awoken by a voice telling me to look out of the window, so I got out of bed and opened the curtains. It was odd, I did not sense anything out there, the skies were totally clear and many starts could be seen. But as I got back into bed, I started thinking about the 'Benefactor' at the cash machine -who held out his hands, stood silent and very still as if not in this time, as i walked past him. When I looked in my wallet which had one ten pound note in it when I set off to the shop, now had another three! The new notes were hot to touch but did not burn up.
The question remains, why are the Benefactors here and are they a new envisioning of what we used to see as Angels?

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