Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuesday 2nd February 2016: Sad to see that my old mate Larry Warren seems to be on the end of the frantic waving stick from Sacha Christie now. The switch over from good friends to great enemies seems to be a part of her agenda with myself, Larry and several other's who are known of in the world of UFOs and Conspiracies, doing our own thing in order to bring about new knowledge and insights.

This kind of abuse (and that is what it is, abuse) was never needed in Ufology, but sadly it dates back to the 80's and before that, when UFO groups and individuals sought to be 'top-dog' or 'the expert' in their particular field of interest. Even more sad is the fact that this has never gone away. Larry (and Peter Robins - his co-investigator / author of books on the Rendlesham Forest Incident)have had to put up with much of this abuse over the years. Often those doing the personal attacks on them both, having no great knowledge of the case or just plainly seated in the alternative Halt camp -so they see this as some kind of mini war of the minds. A war of the ego's too I would imagine. My message to Sacha at this time is try to respect this man. Larry Warren is central to UFO disclosure and without brave men like him there would only be derision and slander from those in the know. The likes of Larry have paved a way for us all to be able to bring some sense of serious consideration and debate to the subject, so to attack him in the way it seems Sacha has, this does little more than disrespect one man who put his life on hold for the sake of bringing the truth to many others. For that I wholeheartedly thank Larry Warren.

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