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UFO's Portals & Gateways by Nigel Mortimer

In UFOs, Portals and Gateways, Nigel Mortimer explores the reasons why ancient man placed standing stones at sites which seem to be linked with modern day UFO sightings? He believes that inter-dimensional portals are not only a reality, but describes in his book
how the early races were able to communicate with none-human entities at these Stargates. Having investigated with his wife Helen for the past three years a portal located in North Yorkshire, England, he presents in this ground breaking book photographic evidence for the reality of visitors to this world from another, as yet, unseen. UFOs, Portals and Gateways takes a fresh new look at the UFO enigma and asks the question, 'while we have been looking to the skies for UFOs, maybe they have been breaking through into our world from a much more down to earth location? The book looks at: Historic evidence for UFOs and Portals, Scientific evidence, Photographic Evidence and New insights not seen before in the field of Ufology. 1st Edition, Signed if required. Product details Paperback: 226 pages Publisher: Wisdom Books Language: English
9" x 6" format/paperback.

How to Request a UFO Presence by Nigel Mortimer

Have you ever wondered how certain people who make claims that they can contact UFOs and the Beings that control them do this? Is there a secretly hidden process that allows them to communicate with aliens or do you think it simply is not possible? Nigel Mortimer has made this claim for over 30 years and has channeled a celestial being he calls Sharlek. He even claims that it was this and other ETs that taught him the knowledge that allows him to make contact with them. Having demonstrated this contact to audiences of 1000's, Nigel has now been directed to share the methodology with anyone who cares to read this book. The process is more simple than you can ever imagine.
A5 size booklet.

The Circle & The Sword by Nigel Mortimer

Channeler & Healer Nigel Mortimer is a UFO esearcher and explorer of the ancient Stone
Circles in Ilkley Moor. He wrote this book in 2004 and updated the information in 2012. Follow the author on his journey through the Moors of Yorkshire and listen to his amazing experiences with the OBOLs (Orange Balls of Light) also known as UFOs. From insights given by the Pharaoh Akhenaten to the visions of a Golden Sword, Nigel explores the ancient sites in Yorkshire linking the ancient past with the modern day UFO phenomenon.
A5 size booklet.

Isaac Newton & The Secret Sundial  by Nigel Mortimer

The reality of the Settle Sun Dial, a star gate to another dimension was discovered by the author and his wife in the summer months of 2011. They found themselves on a quest unlike any other ultimately revealing how the British government in the 18th Century had misled its own people into thinking the portal was something else, before obliterating the ancient sacred site it once stood on. The author was psychically attacked in the winter
months that followed and became gravely ill after a spirit cursed him for seeking the truth about the star gate. Driven by the search to reveal occult knowledge that had been hidden for so long, he discovered the amazing fact that Sir Isaac Newton had secretively been to visit the sundial gateway just before making his historic world-changing theories about gravity and the lore of the universe. He became firm friends with the Settle locals, all brilliant mathematicians. A5 size booklet/paperback.

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