Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wednesday 27th Jan 2016: Have watched two new episodes of the X-Files as it makes its long awaited return and I, like many of you, were amazed to see how much 'conspiracy' material was included from 9-11 to Edward Snowden and all the UFO theories in-between. I really enjoyed both episodes and can't wait until next week for the third, but there is something nagging at my mind. Of course most people (the masses who who purely into science fiction) will take most of what has been included with a pich of salt and not take too much notice about any reality behind these conspiracies. I read this in another review concerning episode one:
'In fact, let’s start with Tad O’Malley, that television personality whose theories about a government conspiracy to utilize alien technology to take over the nation and rule its people with an iron first drag Mulder out of complacency. He’s not a bad character by any means (he’s the exact kind of colorful nutjob who would have previously reared his head on this show), but he’s the one and only driving force in the first episode. He brings Mulder and Scully together, he cracks their previous work wide open, he uncovers secrets that our heroes spent a decade searching for… and he does it all offscreen. Most of “My Struggle” is this guy taking our heroes from place to place, showing them crazy things and showcasing how everything we thought we knew was wrong. (

But, that is where the problem might be found. You see Tad O'Malley (based on a younger Alex Jones maybe?) is being portrayed as 'the exact kind of colorful nutjob' here in this review and sadly that is something we can all live without.  Is the X-files now including all of these things so that it can expose that reality to the world at large, or is is trying to relegate truth of the matter to the realms of fiction? We will have to wait and see, but I hope when they state 'The truth is out there', they really mean it this time.

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