Thursday, 28 January 2016

Calling in UFOs and webcam capturing.

Thursday 28th Jan 2016: It's wild and windy out there in Settle today and the clouds are fair shifting across the sky. I tried to set up a camera to record the sky over Settle last night using a program called I-SPY. It's free and works very well for motion detection at longer distances. you can set it up to ignore the sway of trees in the breeze and only pick up any object that might appear in the sky (or wherever you point the camera).
It works by looking at the changes in the frames of pictures, so is ideal if something is about to materialise. It can capture these frames as video or photo's too. Anyway, by the time I had got it all set up, it was too dark outside to see hardly anything, so will have another go with this tonight. Will be also calling in ET's/Interdimensionals while doing this as this should get better results.
Shadow (the UFO hunting cat) is staying in today. He doesn't like the wind too much, so gets snuggled up in his favorite cardboard box! He's not happy with all this wet weather..not one bit! 

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